Thursday, March 6, 2014

Classic Skating

The girls and I went Roller Skating a few days ago with some friends. It was hilarious!! Laney couldn't get more than a few inches by herself, but Molly actually got the hang of it and could do ok. We also took their bikes to ride around. 
We went to Classic Skating. We also had lunch, played on bounce houses, and played some games in the arcade. It was such a fun afternoon!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Laney Turns Two

Laney turned two on February 23. I can't believe she is that old already!! 
The day before her birthday we invited the Thatcher's to celebrate with us at Chuck E. Cheese. The girls both loved it!
Her actual birthday was on a Sunday. We had my sister, dad and grandma over to celebrate with us. Laney got totally spoiled by everyone this year. She sure is a lucky little girl!

Here are a few things about our Nane:

*We love having Laney in our family. She is so funny and happy.
*Her nursery leaders all love her and tell us she is "such a little mother." I guess she is always taking care of the littler kids and making sure they have toys to play with.
*Laney and Molly are such good friends. The fight a little like all siblings, but they can play so cute together all day long. Laney has finally started being able to keep up with Molly and we are all loving it!
*Laney has a constant grin. Everywhere we go. People always ask us if she ever stops smiling and she rarely does!
*Laney LOVES baby dolls. In her crib she has to sleep with several at a time. She is always carrying one around. 
*She is still a chubby little thing. She looks so skinny to us but she is as big as most of Molly's friends. 
*Laney is the best sleeper. She sleeps about 12 hours at night and takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day. She giggles when she sees her crib and gets excited to snuggle her favorite blankie.
*She's our little snack girl. She can sniff out a treat ANYWHERE!! She takes after me.
*Still looks just like Trevor. 
*She has dozens of nick names: Nane, Choog, Neen, Naner, Laney Bug, Naner Noo, Choog a mai, etc... 

We Love our Naner Bug!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Laney's 2 Year Pictures

My sister Lindsay was in town a few weeks before Laney's birthday, so I had her take some two year old pictures of her! I love how they turned out. We took them at my parents house.

Miss Laney is just so happy and sweet. We love her!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Room Makeover

Trevor traveled a lot in February. I get bored when he is gone. I decided to give Molly's room a little make over one week when he was gone. I made this cute quilt to hang on her wall, painted her walls and got some new bedding. The room turned out so cute! It is pretty bright though and at night her room kind of glows... Oh well! She loves it!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fun Babysitters!

I had New Beginnings for YW last night. Trev is out of town so my parents brought my grandma up so they could all watch the girls for me. It was so cute to come home and see them all ready for bed and reading books together. They each had to read about 10 books. My dad and grandma were great sports!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Grandpa Ed

My sweet Grandpa Ed passed away on Saturday afternoon. We will sure miss him!
I am lucky to have had him in my life and i'm so thankful that my girls and Trevor had a chance to get to know him as well.
He was always so cute with my girls. He loved reading books with them. Molly loved to color or paint with him too. He loved to come over and watch the little kids play.
Our birthdays are only 3 days apart, so every year we celebrated our birthdays together the sunday before. Every year for my whole life. I'll miss that.
I grew up only a few minutes from their house so we always got to see them a lot. 
Grandpa was always at every football game my brother played, always there before the rest of the family. He was always so supportive of us.
I remember playing pool with him at their house and having him time our races around the yard.
Grandpa never wanted to over stay his welcome or be a bother to anyone.
He was one of the sweetest, most humble men i've ever met. He never wanted to talk about himself but was always interested in what was going on in everyone else's lives. 
He always seemed so big and tough when I was little.
He wore the same style of jeans every day. Light blue, with a good crease down the front. He had several matching pairs hung in his garage at all times. He also always wore the same style of shoes.
I remember going boating with him and he always wore long socks, even if he had sandals on. I don't know if i've ever seen his feet.
When Trevor and I got married, he never knew if he should hug grandpa or shake his hand. They usually ended up in an awkward high five.
Grandpa loved going to the gym to play handball. He also loved to golf.
He was such a hard worker. Every time i'd go to their house he'd be outside pulling weeds or sweeping out the garage. He didn't like to sit still. Even two weeks ago my parents went over to help them take down their Christmas tree and he already had it all cleaned and boxed up.
When we moved into our house, he insisted he come help paint. At 82 years old he was up late one night helping us paint our bedroom. 
He was always busy. Whether it was planning a trip, working on projects around the house, etc. He always had something going on.
He was thoughtful. Several times i've gotten sweet little notes from him in the mail. His favorite gift to give were those little packs of 20 $1 bills. 
He was a great caretaker for my grandma and truly loves her. He is a great example for me of love and charity.

I love you, grandpa!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

More Christmas!

On Christmas eve, we took the girls to Jump Around Utah. It was so much fun. The girls just loved it and didn't want to leave. 

We kept celebrating Christmas for a few more days. Trevor took about a week and a half off work. It was so much fun to have him around. The girls are still asking where Daddy is and don't get that he had to go to work again!

The day after Christmas we got to see a bunch of our high school friends. We had a party in the morning at my parents house with some of my friends and another party that night at our house with Trevor's friends. It was so fun to see everyone!

The next day, my parents babysat the girls while we went to the Jazz game with Josh and Kels. It was a great game and the Jazz beat the Lakers!! Yeah!

Molly and Laney love my parents new house. They especially love playing on the slide. It is hilarious to watch them go down!